Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've been tagged...twice!!

Well, this is my first time for this - I've been tagged by Arlene at The Lil Cottage Shoppe and Diane at Mama's Pocketbooks. I'm supposed to name 7 weird things about myself and then name 7 more people to be tagged, so here goes....

1. I truly am totally scared of caterpillars like most people are scared of spiders. They so creep me out that I have to get my son to get rid of them fast if I ever see one.

2.I absolutely cannot have overhead lights on- I would rather turn on the 7 lamps in my living room each night than have to turn on the overhead. If my hubby comes in and turns one on I have to turn it off and turn on the lamps and then smile sweetly at him....

3. I love all those cheesy Christmas movies on in December - I usually watch one every night during the holidays and I never fail to tear up.

4. Having the Weather Channel on without even watching it has always been soothing to me....kind of strange but there you go!

5. This one came from my hubby - according to him I take perfectly good things in our house and replace them with old things. His example was our doors which I take out and replace with old, sometimes in need of TLC, doors. Bless his heart, he does not understand that the plain newer boring doors are uninspired!!

6. I am quite the expert on Brown Recluse spiders, which we unfortunately have in our house and a bit obsessive about setting sticky traps for them in every room in our house!

7. Okay I'm all weirded out - can't think of anything else!! Now I tag:

Karen@Teacups & Twigs
Cathy@Treasured Heirlooms
Laura@Laura's Pretties
Dawn@My Hydrangea Home
Gerre@Gerres Beautiful Boutique
Michele@Sweet Yesterdays

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Becky said...

I love the Brown Recluse comment.
We lived in Mississippi for a couple of years and had the same problem. We felt like we had invaded THEIR home. One night my daughter and I put the sticky pads around our beds and counted 28 recluses on the pads around my bed!!! YIKES!!!

My display at Huffines Art Show - Richardson, TX

My display at Huffines Art Show - Richardson, TX

A little about my textile art.....

My vintage fabric collages combine my love of vintage textiles and my love of words. Words are powerful and a beautiful phrase can evoke such emotion. My collage designs are built around the wise words of an old poet or author, which I handstitch in a simple lettering. I use vintage fabrics, laces, buttons, etc...all handstitched in a unique way to mirror the words - there is always a little mystery with the finished product, but if you look closely you will see the simple beauty of the words reflected in the design. I collect old vintage frames throughout the year to frame each collage in. Below is a sampling of some of my pieces....

~Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul~Emily Dickinson

~Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul~Emily Dickinson